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Shoukat Khanum Hospitals 2018

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital And Research Centre CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for Consultant Doctors and others ,The source of this jobs advertisement is daily Jang Newspaper 09th May 2018,here at this place user can find all Jobs in Shoukat Khanum Hospitals 2018 and other Jobs in May 2018,Jobs in Lahore 2018,Hospital Jobs in Lahore,Consultants Doctor Jobs in 2018,Latest Doctors Vacancies in Lahore 2018,Shoukat Khanum Hospital Careers 2018,




Shoukat Khanum Hospital Jobs in Lahore 2018-Advertisement

Shoukat Khanum Hospitals 2018

Jobs Details for Shoukat Khanum Hospitals Lahore 2018

Following Positions are Required,

  • Consultant Gynaecologic Oncological Surgeon (Lahore)

• Consultant Thoracic Surgeon (Lahore)

• Consultant Radiologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Consultant Anaesthetist (Lahore)

• Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon (Lahore)

• Consultant Urologic Surgeon (Lahore)

• Consultant Medical Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases (Lahore and Peshawar.)

• Visiting Consultant Radiologist (Karachi)

• Visiting Consultant Nuclear Medicine (Peshawar)

• Consultant Physician/Nephrologist (Lahore)

• Consultant Gastroenterologist (Peshawar)

• Consultant Paediatrician / Hospitalist (Lahore)

• Consultant Pathologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Employee Health Physician (Lahore)

• Locum Consultant Paediatrician with ICU experience (Lahore)

• Consultant Medical Oncologist (Part-time) for Karachi Diagnostic Center & Clinic

• Consultant Radiologist (Part-time) (Peshawar)

• Consultant in Chemical Pathology (Lahore)

• Consultant Paediatric Surgeon (Lahore)

• Consultant Paediatric Intensivist (Lahore)

• Consultant Radiation Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Consultant Clinical and Radiation Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

• Senior Instructor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Lahore and Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Paediatric Critical Care (Lahore and Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Paediatric Oncology (Lahore and Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Clinical and Radiation Oncology (Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Medical Oncology (Lahore and Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Infectious Diseases (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Radiology (Karachi and Peshawar)

• Senior Instructor in Nuclear Medicine (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Surgical Oncology (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Breast Surgery (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Head and Neck Surgery (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Anesthesia (Karachi)

• Senior Instructor in Pathology (Karachi) 

  • Senior instructor in Microbiology (Karachi)

• Fellowship in Cytopathology (Lahore)

• Fellowship in Surgical Pathology (Lahore)

• Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology (Lahore)

• Fellowship in Surgical Oncology (Lahore)

• Fellowship in Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Tumors (Lahore)

• Fellowship in Uro-Oncology (Lahore)

• Medical Officer Paediatric Oncology (Lahore)

• Medical Officer for Radiology (Peshawar)

Other Medical / Clinical, Technical and Management Positions.

 Anaesthesia Technician (Lahore)

• Trainee Clinical Research Officer (Lahore)

• Financial Support Officer (Lahore)

• Trainee Staff Nurse/Staff Nurse (Lahore)

• Executive Retail Sales & Franchise Operations, Hospital Services Marketing (Faisalabad)

• Manager Communications — Hospital Services Marketing (HSM) — (Lahore)

• House Attendant (Lahore)

• HVAC Engineer (Lahore)

• Civil Engineer (Lahore)

• Laboratory Phlebotomist (Karachi)


For position details and eligibility criteria please visit our website www.shaukatkhanum.org.pk

We Offer > Competitive salary, professional growth, continuous education and excellent work environment. ‘,- Free medical cover only for regular employees, their spouse and children up to 18 years of age. •-• ISO certified environment. Note: We regret only short listed candidates will be notified. Application forms are available on our website.

Please send your Application form along with attested documents by May 18, 2018 to: 
Manager, Human Resources Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre 7A Block R-3, Johar Town, Lahore Tel: +92 42 3590 5000 Ext. 3037, 3040, 3041 I Fax: +92 42 3594 5203 Email: careers@shaukatkhanum.org.pk


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