Best Affordable Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

If you are looking for the Affordable web hosting companies,keep reading this article because you will find the most valuable information here. But before going towards the Top web hosting companies in Pakistan, we have to know what the web hosting is?

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is, in fact, a place where people put their websites and store. It is like a house where all your important stuff is stored. But here you don’t store your furniture, cloth, and assets. You save the computer files in a web host such as images, documents, HTML, videos, etc.

In general speaking the “web hosting” term is used for the Business Company or firm that allows their computer/servers to store your website on their computers. Those computers should also allow other computers that they can access your files, data and website.

You would be thinking now that the data center is a web host where data is present. But both terms are separate in their meaning. The web hosting means the server that hosts your site and stores your data. On the other hand data center is a place where servers are set. The Data center is a server house, and it could be a house, a single room, or full building equipped with backup or redundant power supplies, environmental controls, redundant data communications connections, and security devices.

Types of web hosting:

There are many types of web hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS), Shared, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting. All models are committed to the purpose of website storage, but the amount of storage capacity, technical knowledge requirement, control, server speed, and reliability differs from one type to other. Let’s discuss the types in detail.

What is VPS hosting?

A VPS stands for virtual private server, and VPS hosting means the server is divided into virtual servers. Means your website will be placed on the separate server and acts as the dedicated server. But, in fact, they are sharing one server with many users by this virtual division. This scheme is well-suited for a situation when you need a separate control, but you don’t want to spend money on the dedicated server.

What is a shared hosting?

It is the type of web hosting server where sharing of resources take places such as CPU and RAM. From hundreds to thousands of sites are stored on the same server. This type is cheap in price.

What is dedicated hosting?

This type of web hosting is costly and gives you maximum control. The site stored on the server is only your website.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting handles high traffic or traffic spikes. Many servers work together to store many websites.

Important factors to seek in web hosting:

Before choosing any web hosting company, you have to consider some important factors. The time is the first valuable thing, and you have to see that if the hosting company is giving the time to your site and keeps it alive or not. Nowadays it is crucial in the modern era because users search the internet in speed like rockets. Many other important factors you have to keep in mind before choosing a web hosting company is as follows:

  • Security
  • Server Speed
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Up Time Guarantee (99.99)
  • Customer Support (The most important)

All of these are the primary pillars in web hosting. You should see that if a hosting company guarantees all or not. Select the company which offers the above all services. Identify the traffic of your site and choose a web hosting company according to your needs and wants.

Now you know enough about the web hosting and its services. So, let’s go to the point of the matter. If you are reading this article, definitely you are looking for the Affordable top web hosting companies. To find the reliable and affordable host is a critical issue because there are a lot of Web Hosting Companies and most of them are unreliable and fraud. But we have collected the valuable information and created a list of Top web hosting companies in Pakistan and tried to make this process easy for you.

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So Let’s Get Started.

Top web hosting companies in Pakistan

Best Affordable Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

There are almost twenty web hosting providers in the Pakistan. Here we are going to discuss the top three according to your requirements and budget. These all are popular among website owners and bloggers.

At number 1st Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan is Mypkhost. offers many high-quality web hosting services at the affordable prices. All people can take its advantage from professionals to home users. Customer satisfaction is the priority of the MyPkHost hosting services. For pleasing their customers they are offering the reliable, fast, and secure service with their support, knowledgeable and efficient team, 24/7. Moreover, the 14-day money-back guarantee is provided by the The services provided by the are Reseller Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting, Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, Master Reseller, Managed VPS, Self-Managed VPS, Shoutcast Reseller and Shoutcast Hosting.


At number 2nd Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan is Hosterpk. It is the number two fast-growing web hosting company in Pakistan. It contains almost 5000+ organized networks (hosted webs). The central servers are present in the Germany. HosterPK is cheapest hosting in the whole country. Whenever you are requesting for the assistance, they provide the support instantly. You can also choose the specific plan according to the needs of your website or blog. If you are retaining the right traffic, then choose this type for you with Reliable Hosting Servers and variety of packages at affordable prices. The only disadvantage is that their customer support is okay and not outstanding.


At number 3rd Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan is Navicosoft. It was introduced in 2004, so it’s an old company with US based servers. However, they are offering the good support and excellent services in addition to the domain registration services. The cost is affordable at this brilliant company. They are providing the 100% uptime on shared plans than any other web hosting company. If you are facing any critical issue, they will provide you the brilliant support. The lack of unlimited domains is its only drawback.


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